Armação de Pêra

All properties are located in Armação de Pêra, an Algarve market town which is approximately a 40-50 minute drive to the west of Faro. Its central position on the Algarve coastline makes it an ideal location for touring. It also has regular transport links to many other Algarve towns and the capitol, Lisbon.

Nearby are the towns of Algoz, Alcantarilha, Porches and the historic and attractive City of Silves with its magnificent walls and castle.


Armação de Pêra has a long golden sandy beach making it suitable for sunbathing or walking and the clear blue sea is ideal for swimming. Tennis courts and golf facilities are available. A day clinic and two pharmacies are available in town. There is also a daily market and a post office. To the right of the apartments the beach leads to cliffs and a series of small beaches. To the left of the apartments the beach extends for over 3 km of flat sand.

Not very long ago this town was nothing more than a collection of small shacks where the local residents from the nearby town of Pera used to maintain their fishing boats. It is quite probable that the name "Armação" is a link with the distant past of the great Tuna fishing industry that existed along the Algarve from the 15th Century and before. This later fell under the protection of a small 18th Century fort that still remains in part to this day.

On the beach close to the eastern side of the town are a number of fish restaurants that pride themselves on their fresh fish. The spread of building from Armação de Pera has been mainly to the west with the creation of several holiday apartment complexes above the very charming beaches of Senhora da Rocha.